When To Get Your Hyundai Car Serviced ?

29 July 2022

A Car Is More Than A Machine To Many Indians. Cars Take An Important Place In Indian Families. In Order To Have A Wonderful Ownership Experience With Your Hyundai Car, As A Customer You Must Ensure You Take Care Of The Periodic Maintenance Service. The Life Of Your Car Truly Depends On How Well You Maintain And Cared For It. So How Often Does Your Hyundai Car Need Periodic Maintenance Service? What To Expect During Your Service Visit To The Advaith Hyundai Car Care Centre? Here We Have Tried To Address These Concerns. Read On To Find Out.

How Often Does My Hyundai Car Need Periodic Maintenance? Hyundai Cars Are Tailored Keeping Our Valued Customers At The Centre Of Every Stage. The Company Has Been Working Towards Improving The Life Of Its Products By Enhancing The Quality Of Spare Parts. It Is Important For A Customer To Know The When His/Her Car Needs Periodic Maintenance. At Advaith Hyundai Car Care Centre, We Recommend Your Car Gets A Periodic Maintenance Service Every 10,000 Kms Or 1 Year Whichever Comes First. Here Is How Periodic Service Helps You.

Extends Life Of Your Car
Your Car Is Made Of Several Mechanical Parts And Electrical Parts Some Of Which Are In Motion And As A Result Subject To Mechanical Stress And Strain. Therefore, The Car Needs To Be Checked Periodically And Necessary Measures Must Be Taken To Ensure It Has A Long Life.

Avoids Breakdown
Reliability Is Synonymous To Hyundai Brand And To Take It To New-Levels, You Must Ensure That You Get Your Car Serviced. During Your Visit To The Car Care Centre, Our Experts Check For Performance Of Various Parts And Take Necessary Measures. This Helps You To Avoid Unexpected Breakdown.

Enhances Your Ownership Experience
Hyundai Cars Are Known For Their Performance, Comfort And Convenience. Periodic Maintenance Visits Take Your Car Ownership Experience To New Levels By Ensuring Smooth Functionality And Improved Drivability. We Thereby Make You Feel Good About Owning A Hyundai Car.

Increases The Value Of Your Car
Cars That Are Maintained Well Have Higher Value In The Market When They Are Up For Sale In The Used Car Market, As Compared To Those That Are Not.

Activities During Periodic Maintenance – What Really Happens?
When Your Car Is Brought To Advaith Hyundai Car Care Centre, Our Service Advisor Gets Your Basic Details And Notes Down Few Key Information Related To Your Maintenance Visit Which Includes The Last Service Date, The Number Of Kilometres Driven Since Last Service And So On. We Then Go On To Perform The Basic Check Of Electrical Parts Including Headlamp, Tail Lamp, Turn Indicators, Horn And So On. We Also Make A Note Of The Complaints If You Have Any And Do A Test Drive If Necessary. A Service Cost Estimate Is Given To You And Our Service Advisor Will Remain In Touch With You To Update If There Are Any Additional Replacements Required. Following Are Some Of The Most Important Parts That Are Checked During The Periodic Maintenance Visit. There May Be Many Other Checks In The List. But The Information Given Below Must Give You A Fair Idea About Your Visit.

Engine Oil And Oil Filter
Engine Oil Is One Of The Most Important Fluids That Lets Your Car Function Smoothly. Engine Is Where The Fuel Is Combusted And Energy Is Produced Which Drives Your Car. There Are Many Parts Which Are In Continuous Movement Within The Engine. Therefore, Engine Oil Is Required To Reduce The Friction Between Movable Parts. Oil Filter Is The Part Which Filters The Engine Oil Continuously. Both Engine Oil Level And The Filter Is Checked During The Periodic Maintenance Visit.

Air Filter
Air Filter Is The Part Which Filters The Air That Flows Into The Engine. Air Is Required To Burn The Fuel In The Engine. Air Filters Are Also Checked As A Part Of The Routine During The Periodic Maintenance Visit.

Braking System
Braking System Is Very Important For Any Automobile. There May Be Wear And Tear In Your Car’s Brake Pads Which Needs To Be Checked. If Found Necessary Replacement Of Brake Pads/Shoes Are Recommended.

Battery Is Another Important Part Of Your Car. It Is Necessary To Start Your Engine. It Supplies Power To The Motor Which Cranks The Engine. Battery Also Supplies Power To Headlamps, Indicators, Audio System And Other Electronic Equipment. It Is Very Much Important To Check The Battery In Order To Ensure That Your Car Keeps Running.

Wheel Alignment
When A Car Is Driven For Many Kilometres On Different Kinds Of Roads, The Wheels Tend To Get Misaligned Over A Period Of Time. This Can Cause Many Problems Leading To Safety And Driving Comfort Issues. Wheel Alignment Is One Of The Things The Car Service Person Suggests During Periodic Maintenance, Even More In India Because Of The Bad Condition Of Roads.

Hyundai Periodic Maintenance Service – How To Go About It?
At Advaith Hyundai, The Periodic Maintenance Service Of Your Car Is Just A Click Away. You Can Simply Connect With Our Team And Our Service Executive Will Be At Your Doorstep To Pick Your Car. Why Wait? Book A Hyundai Car Service Appointment Today!

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