An Introduction To Advaith Hyundai

18 January 2023

ADVAITH HYUNDAI The World’s Largest Hyundai Dealer

When Mr. S Ghosh Walked Into Our Showroom To Buy His Third Hyundai Car, We Decided To Ask Him A Couple Of Questions To Find Out What It Was About Hyundai That Made Him So Loyal To The Brand.?
He Answered,
“Advaith Hyundai. Simple. I Buy Only Hyundai Cars Because Advaith Hyundai Sells Only Hyundai Cars.”
So What Is Exactly Is So Special About Advaith Hyundai Was Our Follow-Up Question.
“Look,” He Said, “It’s Not That Advaith Hyundai Is Perfect Or That You Have No Faults. Of Course You Do. But, It’s About How You Make Me Feel. You Are All My Friends! I Don’t Just Call You When I Want To Buy A New Car, I Also Call You When I Need Some Advice Regarding My Car, Or If I Have Some Issues That Need To Be Solved. In Fact, Even My Friends Benefit From My Relationship With Advaith Hyundai!”.
We Could Sense That A Story Was On The Verge Of Being Told, So We Urged Him To Continue. He Did So, Most Gladly.
“This Happened About 2 Months Ago. My Friend And His Family Were Driving Down To Chennai From Bangalore. Just A Little While After They Exited Bangalore, Their Car Broke Down. My Friend Tried To Have A Look And See If He Could Fix Whatever The Problem Was – But Of Course, Not Being A Mechanic Or A Car Savant, He Couldn’t Even Figure Out The Problem. Now, This Was The Farthest Thing From An Ideal Situation. There Was No Service Centre Nearby. He Had Two Little Kids In The Backseat Who Were Too Tired To Walk Far. And There Was No Way He Could Leave His Children And Wife Alone In A Broken Down Car In The Middle Of The Day.
I Just Happened To Call Him Then And He Quickly Filled Me In On The Situation At Hand. Without A Second Thought, I Called My Service Advisor At Advaith Hyundai. He Assured Me That He Would Handle The Problem And Sent Down A Van. When I Called My Friend After An Hour I Could Hear The Relief In His Voice.” And That Was Not At All.
Mr. Ghosh Had Still More Things To Tell Us About Why He Was 100% Loyal To Us. “You Can’t Imagine How Helpful The Free Service Camps That You Hold Every Year Are For Maintaining My Car. And Every Time A New Car Is Launched, I Get A Call Asking Me To Come And See It. It Makes Me Feel So Special. And Most Importantly, Every Time I Visit One Of The Service Centres Or Showrooms, Something Has Improved. It May Not Be A Drastic Change, It May Be Just A Small Improvement Like Making The Restrooms Cleaner Or Making The Waiting Areas More Spacious And Comfortable.”
It Was On The 28th Of September 1998 That Hyundai Introduced Their First Ever Car – Santro. That Day Also Marked The Beginning Of Advaith Hyundai And Our Entry Into Automobile Retail In Bangalore. Within The Short Span Of Only A Year,
We Became The Largest Dealer In Bangalore And Began To Expand To Other Cities In Karnataka. As Hyundai Expanded Its Business In India, It Depended On Dealers Like Advaith Hyundai To Expand The Reach Of The Hyundai Brand Across All Consumer Segments. In The Process, We Excelled In All Areas Of Automotive Retail And Service. Of All The Dealers Of Hyundai In Bangalore, And India,
Advaith Hyundai Has Won The Most Awards For Excellence In Retailing And Service Including “The Best Dealer In The Country”. In 2010, We Received The Tag Of “The World’s Largest Dealer For Hyundai” And In 2016 We Were Awarded “Global Top Dealer Of The Year”.
The Focus And Vision Of Advaith Hyundai Has Always Been To Provide The Widest Range Of Hyundai Cars And Services, And Build A Service Organisation That Truly Cares For The Customer. Apart From Having Achieved An Amazing Customer Satisfaction Rate Of 977 Out Of 1000, We Have Also Serviced 6.5 Million Cars And Delivered Over 3,75,000 New Hyundai Cars To Customers Across Karnataka, Making Us Amongst The Most Preferred Hyundai Car Dealers In Bangalore. We Have Come A Long Way Since 1998, When We Had Only A Hundred Odd Employees As We Inaugurated Our First Showroom On Lalbagh Road. Today, We Have More Than 2,500+ Employees And An Extensive Network Of 30 State of the Art Service Centres, 4 Pre-Owned Car Showrooms And 21 Prime New Car Showrooms In Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Mandya, Coorg, Kolar, Ramnagar, Hassan Belthangady & Tiptur.
Our Extensive Network Enables Us To Service 91 Cars As Well As Sell 3 Cars Every Hour.
You Will Find Our Biggest Testimony Of Success, Though, Whenever You Step Out. Anywhere In Bangalore. It Won’t Even Take A Minute Before You Spot An Advaith Hyundai Car With The Sticker “Caring For You…Always” On The Rear Windshield.

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