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Good experience and very comfortable car ever seen in such low budget heavy features all forwarded features and the coolest sunroof over all the vehicle are nice and I have liked it so much and I choose correct one.

Throttle crush

Riding is so good, no body roll, amazing suspension…perfectly tuned for Indian roads. Its a Looker. ADAS system works perfectly well. Lots of space in the backseat. Diesel engine is very powerful on highways for overtaking. Lots of features for the price. We don’t these features in Tiguan or Meridian or Fortuner even though price is same.


Hyundai Tucson a luxury segment suv with all comforts in it. Tucson is a great suv In all segments such as looks, comfort, mileage, pick up. If you want a suv which can be easily driven and safe than this is the best available suv in this price range, I wanted to go for Hyundai santafe but I found Tucson more impressive, Tucson have all great features such as automatic gear shift, automatic sunroof, great parking sensors and cameras, you can easily travel a long route journey by this suv due to very high quality seats, the seats are designed soo well that they cover every point of your back so you don’t feel tired, great handling, very powerful engine, great leg space and height. This is a complete package of an luxury segment suv


“Test drove and looked at a lot of cars in this segment including luxury lines. For the price, technology, ride and style, the hyundai tuscon really separated itself. We purchased the AWD Hybrid Limited version. I’ve seen some negative reviews about everything being touch screen, however, I don’t agree that its an issue. With apple car play, you really aren’t touching the screen that often except to make an occasional climate change. I could see how non-tech savvy or elderly drivers would not appreciate it but we absolutely love it. Car drives really well. The panoramic roof and windows make the car feel bigger than it is. Would recommend this car to anyone looking in this segment. It really was no comparison after looking at 6-7 different competitors/lines.


Best looking Suv.Top notch features, specs and finish.Even if German manufactures meet the quality and fit and finish of this car, they cannot match it with their price.Definitely I will find money to buy this car.


It is really stylish and interior also premium, And due to hybrid it will definitely pick the market


“Coming home on the highway a driver under the influence rammed into the side of my Hyundai Tucson 2021 at a speed faster than 100km/h. My Hyundai behaved perfectly to control the wheels of the impact the intoxicated driver had, pushing me off the road. My ABS worked so well and my Hyundai’s performance was shown off at impact.
Well done for safety on the Hyundai Tucson 2021!”


I love the features of the Tucson and the interior. Greg May Hyundai has provided a excellent experience with finding a nice reliable vehicle that I trust to provide me transportation and comfort thanks Hyundai

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